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7 Best Low-profile Toilets to Save You Space

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Best Low-profile Toilets

  Which toilets are the best low-profile toilets on the market today? There are many different toilets on the market today.

When buying a toilet, you want one that is functional, efficient and allows you to save some space. A low-profile toilet can give you these features. Let’s look at some of the best low-profile toilets on the market today.  

5 Best Low-profile Toilets in 2022

Product Weight (pounds) Editor’s Rating
1. TOTO Neorest 750H Dual-Flush Toilet – Best Low-profile Toilet 8.71  98%
2. Kohler Veil Intelligent Toilet – low profile toilet 86 95%
3. TOTO Entrada MS644114CEFG#01 – toilet low profile 75 93%
4. Woodbridge T-0019 Toilet 119.7 95%
5. American Standard 228AA.104.020 H2Option Dual Flush 85 90%


TOTO Neorest 750H Dual-Flush Toilet – Best Pick


TOTO Neorest 750H Dual-Flush Toilet - Best Low-profile Toilet

TOTO Neorest 750H Dual-Flush Toilet – Best Low-profile Toilet

The Toto Neorest 750H is a low-profile toilet that is easy to install and offers multiple functions. The height of this toilet is just 8.71 inches, while the length and width are 10 x 10 x 10 inches. It weighs 9 pounds, which means that it can be easily moved without much effort.

  The Toto Neorest 750H has an elongated tank, which is ideal for those who have difficulty sitting on their toilets. It also features a built-in seat cover that makes cleaning and maintaining your toilet bowl simple. The dual flush system allows you to use either a 1.28 GPF flapper or a 0.9 GPF flapper to ensure that your waste is properly recycled into the sewer system.

  This toilet is made from solid plastic and has a chrome finish that adds style and durability to its design. Unlike other toilets on our list, this model has no moving parts or valves, so it can be installed anywhere in your home without causing damage or leaks from water pressure changes during use.  


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Kohler Veil Intelligent Toilet


  This Kohler toilet is a great choice if you want to install a low-profile toilet in your bathroom but don’t want the typical look associated with many other low-profile toilets. This model has an overall height of only 21 inches, which makes it perfect for rooms that are smaller than average. It’s also designed to save space, which is especially useful if you have limited space in your bathroom or if you’re planning on installing it in an existing space where there isn’t enough room for a regular-height toilet.

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  The Kohler Veil Intelligent Toilet features a dimension of 26.13 x 17.25 x 21 inches, giving it plenty of space to accommodate your needs without using much space in your bathroom or bedroom. Its round bowl shape will make it feel like it fits right at home in your bathroom or bedroom, while its smooth surface ensures that it won’t get clogged up easily with hair and other debris. This model also has a built-in bidet function, so you can use this toilet as an all-in-one solution when bathing or washing after using the toilet.

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TOTO Entrada MS644114CEFG#01


  The TOTO Entrada MS644114CEFG#01 is a high-performance toilet that meets your family’s and guests’ needs. Its efficient dual flush system helps you save water and money, while its 1.28 GPF flush provides powerful performance.

The Entrada toilet has a waste tank capacity of 1.28 gallons, and its elongated bowl measures 17.50 inches wide, 25.56 inches high, and 28.31 inches long, so it is not too big or too small in any aspect. This model also comes with a stylish round front rim, which provides an elegant look and feels to any bathroom.

  The Entrada MS644114CEFG#01 has three different finishes: classic white, polished chrome, or copper brass. This model features TOTO’s exclusive Bio Bidet Washlet technology to help keep your home’s water supply clean from various contaminants. This innovative feature uses natural bacteria found in nature to break down waste material before it enters the drain pipe for disposal by sewage treatment plants or septic tanks.   The Entrada MS644114CEFG#01 is backed by Toto’s Limited Warranty, which covers the product for five years from the date of purchase against defects in material or artistry.


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Woodbridge T-0019


Woodbridge T-0019

Woodbridge T-0019

  The Woodbridge T-0019 Dual Flush, Elongated Piece Toilet with a Soft Seat, is suitable for residential as well as commercial use. Its dimensions are 31 x 18 x 28 in length, width, and height, respectively. The one-piece design makes it easy to install, while its soft-closing seat is comfortable. The elongated design adds extra comfort and helps to keep unwanted water out of the bowl by preventing splashback from the toilet bowl itself.

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  This product comes with a 1.28 GPF dual flush valve that handles high-flow and low-flow applications. The dual flush valve also has a special locking handle that lets you adjust the flush level quickly when needed.   The Woodbridge T-0019 Dual Flush, Elongated Piece Toilet with Soft Closing Seat, can be installed in any standard-sized toilet bowl in homes and public places.


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American Standard 228AA.104.020 H2Option Dual Flush Right Height Round Front Toilet, White

  The American Standard 228AA.104.020 H2Option Dual Flush Right Height Round Front Toilet, White, is a toilet that will give you the luxury of choice. The best part about this model is that it comes with a dual flush system. This allows you to choose between 1.28 GPF and 0.8 GPF flushing performance, so you can choose what works best for your household needs or personal preferences.

  The dimensions of this model are 15 x 29.75 x 31.5 in length, width, and height, respectively, so it will fit perfectly in any home or bathroom setting. The tank capacity is 1.28 GPF, meaning you can use less water for each flush than other models currently available today.   This toilet has been designed with an oval bowl and an elongated seat, giving it a clean look and feel compared to other toilets on the market currently available today. The bowl dimensions are 9 inches long by 5 inches wide and 3 inches deep for easy cleaning and maintenance!

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KOHLER Highline Comfort Elongated 1.28 GPF K-4166-95


  The Kohler Highline K-4166-95 has a height of 29.5 inches, which makes it suitable for most applications. It is also available in other colors, such as white, taupe, grey, and black. This toilet has a flushing system that provides a low flush volume of 1.28 gallons per flush (gpf), and it also comes with a left-hand trip lever for easier use by those with limited mobility.

  The Highline Comfort Elongated 1.28 GPF D Toilet with Class 5 Flushing Technology and Left-Hand Lever, Ice Grey, K416695, is made from premium quality materials that is durable and long-lasting. It features a durable plastic tank that resists cracking, which can occur over time due to expansion and contraction from temperature changes during use or when empty. The plastic tank can be easily cleaned by wiping it down with mild soap and water or using commercial cleaners like Clorox 2X2 or White Armor All Purpose Cleaner (available at most grocery stores). Lastly, this toilet has a flush water valve that allows you to adjust the flow rate.

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Kohler San Souci

Kohler San Souci

Kohler San Souci

  After reviewing all the above low profiles, Kohler K-5172-0 still had to be among the finest. It’s a decent toilet with a sleek and lovely one-piece construction that shouts sophistication and luxury. Sauci K-5172-0 has an expanded toilet seat, which gives it extra room and makes it more comfortable to use. It flushes smoothly and only has a rating of 1.28 GF. As a result, it is a high-efficiency toilet that conserves water. It drains more quickly, quietly, and effectively than other 1.6-gallon toilets.

  Kohler Sauci features a compact construction. Its arched bowl type is only 27.75” in length, 16.38” broad, and 25.31” tall. Should you need even more room, it is also offered in a circular bowl variant 2 inches shorter. Choose a toilet with an expanded bowl if you only have limited space. This is more pleasant and simpler to use or wash.

  All in all, Kohler Savoirs are exceptionally nice and attractive high-end toilets. It’s also offered in nine distinct hues. Because your bathroom is one of the most utilized areas of your residence, it will be wonderful to own such a piece.

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Swiss Madison 1T803

  The Swiss1T803 may be the second-best-made low-profile toilet. Because of their low price, these toilets are quite popular. It’s a nice-looking toilet that gives a good flush.

  Nevertheless, some customers have complained about the fragile seats compared to the whole unit. Therefore, on top of the cost of the toilet, you can budget another $40 to obtain your personalized seats. However, the seats have an 18-inch length at their widest point, which is usual for extended toilet bowls. (You may therefore use any conventionally extended seat in its place.)


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  Small bathroom spaces are common in modern-day houses, but there are ways to make them feel more open. Most people consider a low-profile toilet a luxury, and these toilets have a lot of benefits that can help you make the best choice for your bathroom space. For example, you can use a low-profile toilet in a bathroom without taking up much space. Some of the best low-profile toilets on the market are from brands like American Standard, Kohler, and American Standard. One of these ways is to use a low-profile toilet, which takes up less space. Even if you are stuck between choices, the above models would be worth consideration.