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Elongated toilet seat with metal hinges?

An elongated toilet seat with metal hinges is a type of toilet seat that is specifically designed for elongated toilets. This type of seat is typically made from a durable plastic or synthetic material, and it features metal hinges that allow for easy installation and removal. The metal hinges also provide a degree of adjustability, so that the seat can be positioned to suit your specific needs.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the type of elongated toilet seat you need will depend on the specific make and model of your toilet. However, most hardware stores will carry a variety of options that should work with your toilet.

How do you replace a toilet seat with metal hinges?

You should always start by finger tightening the bolts, and then use a wrench to finish tightening them. If the bolts are too loose, they can come undone and cause problems. If the bolts are too tight, they can strip the threading or break.

There are two types of toilet seat fixings: Bottom Fixings and Top Fixings. Top fixing toilets seats work by feeding two bolts into the pan which are then tightened from the top. Bottom toilet seat fixings are fitted from the top and then tightened from underneath, often with wing nuts.

Are all elongated toilet seats interchangeable

If you’re looking for a new toilet seat, be sure to check the dimensions of your toilet bowl before making a purchase. Toilet seats come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so not all models will fit every toilet. By taking a few measurements, you can be sure to find a seat that will fit your toilet perfectly.

If you have a round toilet bowl, you will need to order a round seat. If you have an elongated bowl, you will need to order an elongated seat. Our seats are designed to fit most manufacturers’ round or elongated bowls.

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Are all toilet seat hinges the same?

There are two main types of toilet seat fixings, top fixing and bottom fitting. Bottom fixing toilet seat hinges feature a traditional style fixing which includes fitting two bolts down into your pan and then tightening them from underneath. This is a more secure method of fitting a toilet seat, however it can be more difficult to install. Top fixing toilet seat hinges simply screw onto the top of your pan, making them much easier to install. However, they are not as secure as bottom fixing hinges and may come loose over time.

If you have a Bemis seat featuring the TOP-TITE ® STAY-TITE® Seat Fastening System™, first open the hinge caps. Next, use the wrench to loosen the bolts, reaching below the bowl to hold the wing nuts in place as you do this. Remove all the bolts and nuts and then lift the seat off the bowl.

What are three types of hinges?

There are many different types of hinges, each with their own specific uses. Some common types of hinges include corner hinges, lift-off hinges, offset hinges, continuous hinges, leaf hinges, concealed hinges, side hinges, and weld-on hinges. Each type of hinge has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to select the right hinge for the job at hand.

If your toilet seat hinges are broken or stripped out, you do NOT need to change the whole toilet seat, but instead only the hinges. With the right tools and spare parts, you can easily replace your toilet seat hinges.

What are stable hinges on toilet seat

These fixings are great for quickly and easily assembling a toilet seat, and they guarantee that the seat will be held firmly in place. The base of the fixings, made from non-slip polyethylene, will adapt to the toilet and increase the stability of the seat. In the short videos below, you can learn how to easily and reliably install a new toilet seat.

If you’re planning on buying a new toilet seat, be sure to measure the bowl first. The standard measurement for the distance between the bolts is 5 1/2 inches, but it’s always best to double check. You’ll also want to measure the width of the bowl at its widest point to make sure you get a seat that fits.

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Why is an elongated toilet seat better?

Elongated bowls are often considered more ‘hygienic’ due to their larger surface area. This makes them easier to use with less mess, especially for men and children. They are also a requirement for ADA use, and generally considered easier to use for those with mobility issues.

If you’re looking for a more comfortable toilet experience, an elongated seat is a good option. The extra bowl area offers more space for bidet use, cleaning, and personal hygiene.

How do I measure my elongated toilet seat

You can definitely tell by measuring the distance from the center using a tape measure.

There is no difference between elongated and round bidet seats when it comes to the rear end where all the internal components are stored. The only difference is found in the length of the actual seat and lid portion. This means that either size bidet seat will be able to mount on either size toilet.

How do I know what size toilet seat to buy?

To measure the length of a bowl, you will need to measure from between the seat bolts to the outside edge of the front of the bowl. If you have a round bowl, this dimension should be about 165 inches. If you have an elongated bowl, the measurement should be around 18 to 185 inches.

The Soss Invisible Hinge is a great piece of hardware for use in a variety of applications. Its unique design allows it to be completely concealed from both the outside and the inside of the door when the door is in the closed position, making it a great choice for use in a variety of settings.

How do you measure a toilet hinge

When measuring your toilet, you will need to measure the length, width, and height. To measure the length, place one end of your tape measure between the fixing holes and stretch out to the very front end of your toilet. To measure the width, measure across the pan at the widest point. To measure the height, measure the distance between the fixing holes and the cistern or wall.

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Toilet seats can be a pain to remove, but these particular hinges make it super easy. All you have to do is press a button on the bottom of the seat and it will unlock, making it very simple to take off.

How do you remove metal hinges

This is a great way to remove old hinges and get a new surface to work with. Boil the hinges in water for 10-20 minutes and then use a scraper tool to remove the old surface. This will provide you with a new, clean surface to work with.

In the event that you need to remove your cabinet doors that are equipped with concealed hinges, you will need to locate the hinge cup first. The hinge cup is typically located on the back of the door and is what the hinge itself is attached to. Once you have located the hinge cup, you can then use a drill to remove the screws that are holding it in place. With the screws removed, you should then be able to simply pull the hinge cup off of the door, allowing you to then remove the door itself.


There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best elongated toilet seat for your needs will depend on a number of factors, including the size and shape of your toilet, your personal preferences, and your budget. However, we can narrow down the field a bit by recommending a few top-rated elongated toilet seats with metal hinges that are sure to please. First up is the TOTO SS114#01 SoftClose Elongated Toilet Seat, which features a sleek design and whisper-quiet closing action. For a more budget-friendly option, take a look at the MAYFAIR 83EC000 Toilet Seat With Easy-Clean & Change Hinges, which offers superior durability and a easy-to-clean surface. And finally, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly option, check out the BEMIS 7B6E1 white Elongated Toilet Seat With Slow-Close, made from 100% recycled materials. No matter which model you choose, you’re sure to appreciate the increased comfort and convenience that an elongated toilet seat with metal hinges can provide.

Elongated toilet seats with metal hinges are more expensive than regular toilet seats, but they last longer and provide a more comfortable experience. If you are looking for a toilet seat that will last a long time and provide a comfortable experience, then an elongated toilet seat with metal hinges is a good option for you.