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How to remove bolts from toilet tank?

If you’re having trouble flushing your toilet or the water level in the tank seems low, you may need to remove the bolts that connect the tank to the bowl. This can be a tricky process, but with a little patience and the right tools, you should be able to do it relatively easily. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to remove the bolts from your toilet tank.

If the bolts are rusted, you may need to use a power drill to remove them.insert a bit into the drill that is the same size as the bolt.set the drill to reverse and drill out the bolt. if the head of the bolt breaks off, you will need to use a bolt extractor to remove the remainder of the bolt.

How do you remove hard bolts from toilet tanks?

If you’re in a pinch and need to cut something, you can always use a hacksaw blade. With a socket set or a wrench, you can easily attach the blade to the object you need to cut and get the job done quickly.

If you need to cut through bolts that are rusted, you can use a close-quarter hacksaw or remove the blade from a standard hacksaw to do the job. First, protect the area around the toilet with strips of duct tape or thin cardboard to avoid making a mess.

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What size wrench for toilet tank bolts

These are steel bolts and nuts specifically designed for use with toilets. They are the perfect size and strength for securing a toilet to the floor.

If you need to remove a rounded bolt, you can use a pair of pliers to grip the bolt right above the nuts at the groove. Then, bend the bolt sharply to snap off the ends.

How do you loosen a bolt that won’t budge?

If the bolt still won’t break free consider using a tool extender to increase the leverage. You can also try using a 6-sided wrench or socket.

If you’re having trouble getting a nut or bolt to budge, try heating it up with a propane torch. Applying heat to the joint will cause the nut and bolt to expand and contract, which can help break the bond between them. Heat the joint with the torch for several minutes, then allow the nut or bolt to cool before trying again.

What is the best lubricant to loosen rusted bolts?

Penetrating oils are a great way to quickly and easily loosen stuck parts. They can save you a lot of time and hassle, and even if you need to take some extra time to break down the parts, you can still move on to other things while you wait.

If the rust has reached the threads of the fastener, then there is no better way to loosen it than using WD-40 penetrant spray. Apply it to the bolt and then tap it using a hammer. This will help WD-40 penetrant spray to penetrate the fitting and loosen the bolt so that it can removed easily.

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Does WD-40 remove rusty bolts

When using WD-40 to remove rust from nuts and bolts, make sure to remove as much rust as possible with a metal brush or a normal brush. Next, wrap a thread around the bolt and spray some WD-40 on it until it is completely saturated. Allow it to sit for 30 minutes. Finally, attempt to unscrew the bolt by striking it with a hammer.

Assuming you want to know what tools you need to remove a toilet:

You will need a sponge, bucket, rubber gloves, putty knife, adjustable wrench, channel lock pliers, utility knife, and a heavy-duty contractor trash bag large enough to fit the old toilet.

How do you open a toilet tank screw?

When working on a vehicle, it is important to be aware of all of the safety hazards. One hazard that is often overlooked is the risk of being crushed by the vehicle. In order to avoid this, always be sure to place a wrench on the underside of the tank to hold the nut on the other end and turn it accordingly. This will help to keep the vehicle from shifting and will prevent you from being injured.

A bolt kit should cost roughly five dollars according to the directions. I will install the bolt with minimal effort and it will save you time and money in the long run.

What tool do you use to cut toilet bolts

Right level with the jaws of my vise And then i’m going to take a simple pair of pliers grab onto the front of thetie and pull it off

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When you’re dealing with a stuck bolt, a pipe wrench is a good option to loosen it. The long handle and aggressive jaw teeth will loosen the most stubborn bolts.

What is the best method to use to loosen a bolt?

CRC penetrating oil is a great first step in trying to loosen a nut, bolt, or screw. Spray the fastener and leave for 10 – 15 minutes to allow the oil time to penetrate the threads of the bolt or screw. Then use a wrench or screwdriver to undo the fastener.

For stubborn bolts, you can try heating the bolt and then applying WD-40 against the heated bolt threads. The melting wax pulls itself into the threads to create a slippery surface. Just be careful to keep open flames away from fuel and brake lines, rubber fittings and other flammable parts and materials.


There are a few different ways to remove bolts from toilet tank, depending on the type of bolt and the surrounding area. If the bolt is rusted, use a rust dissolver or WD-40 to loosen it. For a standard slip nut, use a wrench to grip the nut and turn it counterclockwise. If the slip nut is difficult to turn, you may need to use a pair of pliers. For a hex bolt, use a socket wrench or an Allen wrench to remove it.

If the tank is full, empty it out before proceeding. Then, remove the nuts that hold the tank to the bowl by unscrewing them with a wrench. Finally, remove the bolts that hold the flush valve in place. With the nuts and bolts removed, the tank can be lifted off the bowl.