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How to wash in the western toilet with water?

How to wash in the western toilet with water


The western toilet is the most common type of toilet in the world. It is available anywhere, in your office building and in some restaurants. Western toilets have many advantages over other types, such as dry toilets. But western toilets do require some special steps for washing your butt after using them for pooping. We will show you how to wash your butt properly on a western toilet using only water from your hands. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to wash your butt in the western toilet with water and dry it.


First, sit on the toilet.


The first step for washing your butt in a western toilet is to sit on the toilet and then pull down your pants. Some people prefer to sit on the toilet with their feet on the floor, while others prefer to sit directly on the toilet seat.


Either way is fine, although sitting directly on the seat can be more comfortable for some people. The important thing is that your feet should be supported by something and that your backside is not pressed against anything other than the bowl itself or the lid, if it has one.


When sitting on the toilet seat, ensure that both legs are straightened out and not bent in any way because it will make it easier for you to wash properly when standing up.


Pour water on your butt.


Now that you’re in position, it’s time to put water on your butt. Fill up the bowl with water, using as little or as much as you like, and pour it over yourself using one hand while keeping the other on your knee for balance. When pouring water on your butt, you’ll want to do it as close to sitting down as possible so as not to waste time or water.

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The best way to do pour water on your butt is by using your hand to scoop water from the toilet bowl and pour it on your anus. Then, pour the water on your butt using your left hand for those who are right-handed. The water should also be warm, but not too hot.


The amount of water depends on how dirty your butt is and how much time you have to clean it. Make sure you use only a small amount of water so it won’t drip on the floor. If you can’t reach it easily, wash it with your right hand instead of using the left one.


Use your hand to make sure water is everywhere.


Use the faucet or handle to turn on the water and ensure enough water to wash your butt. The temperature of the water should be warm but not too hot or cold. Hot or cold water might burn your body; thus, you need to adjust the water temperature properly.


Holding onto the rim of the toilet seat, squat down so that your butt is hovering over the seat/bowl of the toilet, which is called hovering. In case you’re experiencing trouble when squatting, try holding onto something like a chair or countertop next to you until you get used to how it feels. Use your hand to ensure enough water is everywhere around your buttocks and between them so that no part is left dry.


Now spread open the cheeks of your bottom as far as they’ll go without straining yourself. Next, pour water on your butt. It will ensure that there are no traces of feces on the surface of your skin.


Then press one hand against one side of the buttocks and rub it gently while applying pressure, while using another hand to scrub another side of the buttocks simultaneously. It will help water all parts of your buttocks thoroughly.


Wash your butt with soap.


Wash your butt with soap in the same way as washing hands or face. Wash each part of your butt thoroughly with water until all dirt has been removed. In case there are still stains left after washing them, you may need to repeat it several times until no stain is left on them. In this step, you should be very careful because when you do not wash your butt with soap correctly, it will make your butt dirty again. It would be best to wash your bottom with water first, then use a little soap.

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Wash your ass one more time


Here is a quick way to wash your ass one more time. Put your hand on the tap and turn it. The water will run out from the tap into the toilet bowl. You can bend down to see if it’s enough water or not. If not, turn the tap again until you are satisfied with the amount of water.


Then, stand up straight and put both hands on your butt cheeks. Open them as wide as possible so that more water can flow into them smoothly. Afterward, use both hands to rub your butt cheeks together for several seconds until they get wet enough.


Then, move one hand toward your tailbone while firmly holding your other hand’s wrist with your thumb and index finger. This is because you need to press down on this part of your body so that all of the dirt inside will come out easily when you flush later. The best way to do it is to squat on the floor with one foot up on the edge of the toilet so that gravity can help you get everything clean.


Dry your ass with a towel (or use toilet paper)


After pouring water on your butt, start wiping with toilet paper until all feces are gone. The toilet paper should be able to absorb most of the liquid and clean up what’s left of it. Suppose it doesn’t work, try using other paper types like tissue paper or a towel. Wipe your anus area from back to front for males or front to back for females.


It will help prevent bacteria from entering your anus and causing an infection. When using a public restroom, you might not have access to towels. In that case, it’s best to use toilet paper to dry off after washing your ass. You can either wipe yourself dry or fold some toilet paper into a square and pat yourself down until all moisture is gone from your skin.

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Drying your ass with a towel or toilet paper will ensure that there aren’t any drips on your clothing, which can be embarrassing if they fall while you’re walking around town. Be gentle with your skin, and don’t rub too hard. If you do, you’ll cause irritation or discomfort, damaging the protective barrier between your skin and your bacteria-filled toilet water.


Throw away the used toilet paper into the toilet bowl directly; do not flush it down. Otherwise, it will cause clogging.


Stand up and check whether you are clean or not.


Suppose you feel that you are still unclean after washing yourself. Gently wipe yourself with a clean tissue until you are satisfied with how clean it feels when standing up straight again. When there is nothing left, then the job is done!


If you see some dirt left, repeat the previous steps until you clean your butt.


Suppose you think dirt is still left on your butt; wash it until it is clean enough for you. After washing your butt, you should immediately flush the toilet to avoid the dirty water splashing on your body and clothes.

Wash your hands using soap and water


Make your hands clean by applying soap and water. Rub them together for at least twenty seconds to make foam. Rub your hands for at least 10 seconds when using a hand sanitizer. Rinse well under running water.


Rinse all the suds or soap bubbles from both hands with fresh running water from a tap or hose. Ensure you remove all the suds and don’t leave any behind. In case there are no taps nearby, use clean towels instead of paper towels or air dryers.


Dry your hands thoroughly by patting them with paper towels or using an electric hand dryer. This will help prevent germs from spreading to someone else who might use their hands to open doors or touch other things. Before leaving the toilet room, flush again to ensure everything is clean and hygienic.


In summary, despite how strange it might seem, never be afraid to use water to clean your ass. It’s good hygiene and will help you avoid potential infections in the area. For those who are not well-versed in the art of washing your butt with water, there are a few things you should do before placing your derriere on the seat. Thankfully, this article has shed light by giving the necessary steps you need to follow to wash your butt in a western toilet.


After carefully following these steps carefully, you will be able to wash your butt properly in a western toilet with water.