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Mummy toilet paper roll craft?

Looking for a fun and easy mummy craft for kids? Look no further than this toilet paper roll mummy craft! This mummy craft is perfect for kids of all ages and can be done with just a few materials that you likely already have at home.

To make a mummy out of a toilet paper roll, you will need:

-1 toilet paper roll

-White craft glue


-White tissue paper

-Black Sharpie


1. Cut a strip of white tissue paper that is twice the length of the toilet paper roll.

2. Fold the tissue paper in half, and then glue it around the toilet paper roll.

3. Cut another strip of tissue paper, and glue it around the toilet paper roll, slightly overlapping the first strip.

4. Continue until the entire toilet paper roll is covered in tissue paper.

5. Use the black Sharpie to draw two eyes on the mummy.

6. Allow the glue to dry completely before playing with your mummy.

How many rolls of toilet paper does it take to make a mummy?

1 to 3 rolls of toilet paper should be given to each team. This will ensure that each team has enough to last them throughout the game.

To create a gothic look, start by applying black lipstick to your mouth. Then, tape the end of a roll of toilet paper to your shirt at the waist with cloth first-aid tape. Wrap the toilet paper around your body a few times to create a “corset” look. Finally, cover any exposed areas on your costume with additional toilet paper.

What crafts can I make with toilet paper rolls

1. DIY Gift Boxes: Toilet paper rolls can be used to make cute little gift boxes. Just decorate them however you like and fill them with small goodies.

2. Wall Art: Get creative and use toilet paper rolls to make some unique wall art. You can paint them, cover them in fabric, or even make mosaics out of them.

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3. Crafty Flowers: Turn toilet paper rolls into pretty flowers that can be used to decorate your home or given as gifts.

4. Bird Feeder: This is a great way to recycle toilet paper rolls and help out your feathered friends at the same time. Just fill the rolls with bird seed and hang them up.

5. Hanging Heart Decorations: These are perfect for Valentine’s Day or any other time you want to show someone you care.

6. Seedling Containers: Toilet paper rolls make great pots for starting seedlings. Once the seedlings are big enough, you can just plant them in the ground, pot and all.

7. Party Crowns: Let your guests feel like royalty by making them all crowns out of toilet paper rolls. Just decorate them however you like and

Toilet paper rolls are sanitary for crafts, as they are typically covered with toilet tissue for the majority of their life. However, as they are exposed to germs in your bathroom, it is possible for them to become contaminated.

What is the toilet paper roll rule?

The patent for the toilet paper roll was created by inventor Seth Wheeler in 1891. It states that the end of the roll should be hanging off the exterior of the holder. In other words, the correct way to hang toilet paper on the holder is actually over.

Next, using the end of the paper roll as a stencil for the face, trace a circle around the paper roll.

How do you make a Mason jar mummy?

These are the cutest mummies we have ever seen! To make them, wrap cheesecloth or gauze around a Mason jar, and secure with a dot of glue. Then, glue googly eyes to the cheesecloth. Finally, place a tea light inside the jar. That’s it!

To make a mummy craft, you will need four craft sticks. For the head, cut two sticks in half and glue them together. Then, make a torso by gluing two sticks together. Add arms and legs by gluing on four sticks, or by cutting two sticks in half and gluing them on for arms. To finish, glue a strip of gauze around the mummy and slowly work your way down, wrapping with gauze.

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How do you make a cardboard mummy

See the attached image for a representation of what your final product should look like. To make your own mummy casket, follow these instructions:
1. Draw the mummy casket shape on a piece of lightweight cardboard.
2. Cut the mummy casket base out of the cardboard.
3. Cut the mummy casket lid out of the cardboard.
4. Cut the strips out of the cardboard.
5. Cut out the casket lid strips.
6. Fold the tabs on both strips.
7. Glue or tape the strips to the inside of the lid.
8. Place the mummy inside the casket.
9. Close the lid and enjoy your new decoration!

To make a simple butterfly, you will need a toilet paper roll, a piece of white card, a pencil, a yellow sheet of paper, and some glue.

First, measure the width of the white card using the toilet paper roll as a guide. Mark the measurement with a pencil, then cut the white card to size. Next, glue the white card around the toilet paper roll, covering it completely.

Now fold the yellow paper in half and draw the shape of a wing on it. Cut out the wing shape so that you have two wings that are identical. Next, glue the wings onto the back of the paper roll, near the middle.

Your butterfly is now complete!

How do you make a toilet roll castle?

This is a great activity to do with recycled materials! To make a toilet roll castle, first cut out a rectangular base from a piece of cardboard. Then, use toilet paper rolls (or any other sturdy paper rolls) to create towers. Finally, glue the walls on the towers so everything is connected. Enjoy your recycled castle!

Making Olaf from a cardboard tube is a fun and unique way to show your love for the popular Disney movie, Frozen. This is also a great activity for kids, as it allows them to be creative and have fun while making a beautiful decoration for your Christmas tree. Toilet paper roll Santa and snow owl ornaments are also great craft ideas that are perfect for adding a personal touch to your holiday decor. For a truly unique and festive touch, try making a toilet paper roll reindeer or Santa’s elf. These make great gifts for friends and family, and they’re sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

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How do you disinfect toilet paper for crafts

To sanitize your toilet paper tubes, bake them for 20 minutes on the lowest setting for your oven. This is usually between 170-200 F. This will kill any germs or bacteria that may be present on the surface of the tubes.

Toilet paper, Kleenex, and wet wipes can take a long time to decompose, depending on the conditions. Dog poop bags will decompose in a shorter amount of time. All of these items should be disposed of properly to avoid harming the environment.

How do you sterilize paper towels?

And then you take a bottle of the purifies And pour it completely in the container And then you shake it Gently for a while

It’s important to remember that treatment plants are designed to remove toilet paper from wastewater, but they cannot effectively remove other types of garbage. That’s why it’s important to only put human waste and toilet paper in the toilet, and to put all other garbage in the trash can.

Why do people put toilet paper under instead of over

It is generally accepted that the under position is the more efficient way to hang toilet paper. In this position, the loose end is more hidden from view and the risk of a toddler or house pet unrolling the toilet paper is reduced. However, some people prefer the over position for aesthetic reasons.

Cover up the roll And pretend to pick it up when you actually just have to slide the roll back and forth to keep it from unraveling.

How do you make a toilet roll unicorn horn

We need to make the bottom of the object flat so that it can be stuck on someone’s head. Get the scissors and start cutting.

One toilet paper tube will make one snowflake. Next, crease the tube down flat, and cut it into 6 strips about 3/8 inch thick. Use hot glue or double sided glue dots to glue the points of the tube to one another, forming the snowflake shape.


1. Cut the toilet paper roll in half.

2. Paint the toilet paper roll halves brown.

3. Cut out two small oval shapes from black construction paper. These will be the mummy’s eyes.

4. Glue the black oval shapes to the toilet paper roll halves.

5. Wrap the toilet paper roll halves in white crepe paper, making sure to leave some of the brown paint showing through.

6. Tape or glue the ends of the crepe paper to secure it in place.

7. Your mummy is now complete!

This mummy toilet paper roll craft is a great way to use up those extra toilet paper rolls! It’s a fun and easy craft for kids of all ages, and it’s sure to get a few laughs.