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Should Toilet Tank Touch Wall?

Should Toilet Tank Touch Wall


When you begin installing a new toilet, you need to make sure that it is properly secured to the ground. Otherwise, it’ll begin sliding when you try to sit on it. Furthermore, you need to ensure that the toilet is positioned at the perfect distance from the wall. Can your toilet be placed against the wall? It is fine for your toilet to touch the wall, but it doesn’t need to touch the wall either.

Instead, you can leave a small gap between the back of the tank and the bathroom wall. Below, you’ll find out more about the recommended distance between the tank and the bathroom wall.

Can The Toilet Be Against The Wall?

You may suspect that your toilet should be placed directly against the wall for support. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. Although the toilet can be against the wall, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, this is a personal preference. Some professionals will install the toilet against the wall with little space. As for others, they will leave a small gap so the tank won’t rub against the drywall or paneling.

You can leave a decent gap between the toilet tank and the wall. In general, the gap can be a few inches or half an inch. Again, it is a personal preference so you can choose what works best for you. Work with a professional to get the best installation for your bathroom.

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Rules And Regulations

Although the toilet tank can be again the wall, there are other regulations to follow. If you don’t install the toilet correctly, your house might not be able to pass building codes. In particular, the toilet cannot be too close to walls on the left, right, or front. Typically, the toilet should have at least 24 inches from any fixture or wall.

The back of the toilet doesn’t matter as much, but the other sides of the toilet do. Whether you’re installing the toilet yourself or working with a professional, you have to make sure that the toilet is at least 24 inches from all walls and fixtures. The tank can be against the wall or a few inches from the wall.

Is It Bad To Have The Tank Against The Wall?

Why are some people not keen on having their toilet tank against the wall? Ultimately, it is okay to have the toilet tank close to the wall. You can even put it against the wall, but this could lead to certain issues. You must remember that the drywall might have textured paint. Even if it doesn’t, the tank is going to rub against the wall regularly.

When you sit down, get up, and lift the lid, the ceramic is going to touch the wall. Eventually, this is going to cause damage to the wall and tank lid. It is best to leave a small gap so the toilet tank doesn’t sit against the wall.

A small gap of a few inches should be okay.

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What About The Lid?

When you begin installing a toilet, you have to think about the placement of the tank and lid. You may want to put the toilet as close to the wall as possible. It is okay to have the toilet close to the wall, but it is wise to leave a small gap. Again, the ceramic material is going to rub the wall and cause damage. You also have to worry about the lid.

If you place the tank too close to the wall, you may not be able to get the lid to sit on the tank correctly. When you try to get the placement of the toilet correct, be sure to test it with the tank lid in place.

By doing this, you can rest assured knowing that the lid will easily go on and come off the tank without issues.

Installing The Toilet

Usually, the plumbing is already installed and the homeowner is replacing a toilet. The good news is that it is much easier to replace a toilet than to install one from scratch. If you have to install it from scratch, you’ll have to run the sewerage pipe into the bathroom and cut a hole in the floor for it.

Replacing the toilet means that you can use the existing pipes. It is always easier to replace a toilet. Once you’ve removed the old toilet, you need to install the new wax ring before setting the bowl. Make sure that the bolts are inserted in the mount so you can attach the toilet to the floor.

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Set the bowl on the screws and secure them. After that, you can finish installing the tank. Finally, attach the water supply line and turn it on. Be sure to check carefully for leaks so you don’t run into problems later.

What Is The Best Placement For A Toilet?

You’re likely wondering whether you can place your toilet against the wall. Technically, your toilet tank and lid can be placed against the wall, but this might not be a good idea. If you do this, the ceramic material is going to damage the drywall and the ceramic will get scratched too. Therefore, you should try to place the tank slightly off the wall.

As for the other sides of the toilet, you’ll need to place them according to the building codes in your area. Typically, they should be at least 24 inches from walls and fixtures. Individuals needing assistance should hire a professional to get this taken care of promptly.

Should Toilet Tank Touch Wall? – Overall

Your toilet tank can touch your wall. If your toilet was installed this way, it’ll likely be hard to adjust it. Therefore, you might as well keep the same placement. If you’re installing a toilet from scratch, it is wise to keep the toilet tank slightly off the wall.

The only downside is that the ceramic lid is likely going to get scratched by textured walls. Plus, the lid is going to damage the wall. When possible, you should try to keep the tank an inch or two away from the wall to avoid such problems.