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Toilet always smells like pee?

There are many possible explanations for why a toilet might always smell like pee. It could be that the bowl is not being cleaned regularly enough, or that there is a problem with the plumbing. It could also be that the person using the toilet is not aiming correctly, or that there is a build-up of urine in the bowl. Whatever the reason, it is important to address the problem so that the toilet does not become a source of unpleasant smells in the home.

There could be a few reasons why your toilet always smells like pee. It could be that you have a small leak in your toilet that is causing the smell. It could also be that you need to clean your toilet more often. If you have a man in your house, it could be that he is not aiming properly when he pees. Whatever the reason, there are a few things you can do to try to eliminate the smell. Try cleaning your toilet with a strong cleaner once a week. You can also try pouring a cup of bleach into the toilet bowl once a week. If you have a small leak, you can try to repair it yourself or call a plumber.

How do I stop my toilet from smelling like urine?

If you’re noticing some tough smells emanating from your bathroom, it’s time to give it a good cleaning! Scrub the toilet inside and out, top to bottom, to remove any grime or residue. Remove the toilet seat completely to really get the hinges clean. Use a store-bought toilet cleaner on the inside of the toilet and scrub. Finish up by sanitizing your throne.

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If you’re wondering why your toilet smells, it could be due to a number of different things. It could be that you have an unused toilet, bacteria, mold, clogged drain, broken toilet seals, blocked vent pipe, or cracked toilet bowl. In any case, it’s best to identify the source of the smell and take steps to clean it up.

Why does my toilet stink even after I clean it

Sewer bacteria can be a big problem for your bathroom. In order to survive, they tend to hold on to the rim of your toilet bowl. As they reproduce and multiply, they can cause a foul smell that remains even after you clean your toilet.

To make the solution, simply mix the ingredients together and then use it to clean the affected area. The dish detergent helps to break down the urine molecules, while the baking soda neutralizes the odors. The peroxide is effective at killing bacteria and helps to brighten the area.

Can I put bleach in my toilet tank?

If you are looking to clean your toilet tank and remove tough stains, I recommend using white vinegar diluted with water. bleach inside the tank can corrode the internal parts of your toilet, so it is best to avoid using it altogether.

If you’re looking for a cost-efficient and effective way to get rid of odors in your toilet, mix equal parts white vinegar and baking soda. Add them to the tank, mix them in, and then use the toilet brush to gently scrub the tank. Let it sit for a few hours, then scrub the tank again and flush.

Why does my bathroom smell no matter how much I clean it?

If you’re experiencing this issue, it’s likely that there’s something wrong with your vent pipe. This is a pipe that helps to regulate air pressure and keep sewer gases from entering your home, so it’s important that it’s in good working order.

There are a few different things that can go wrong with a vent pipe, including:

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-It’s improperly installed
-It’s blocked or damaged
-It’s too small

If you suspect that your vent pipe is the issue, you’ll want to call a plumber to come and take a look. They’ll be able to diagnose the problem and get it fixed so that your bathroom smells fresh and clean again.

To eliminate pet odors, you should use a combination of bleach, ammonia, vinegar, baking soda, and peroxide. Bleach is great at disinfecting, but not so great at eliminating odors. Ammonia is effective at eliminating odors, but can be dangerous to pets and children. Vinegar is a natural odor eliminator and is safe to use around pets and children. Baking soda is also a natural odor eliminator and is safe to use around pets and children. Peroxide is effective at eliminating odors, but can be dangerous to pets and children.

Does vinegar get rid of urine smell

If you want to neutralize the smell of dog urine, you can either use an enzymatic cleaner or a vinegar and water solution. The vinegar is acidic and will neutralize the bacteria in the dog urine, offsetting the odor.

There are a few easy ways to get rid of urine smell:

1. Break down uric acid with a product that contains enzymes or bacteria. These products are available at most pet stores.

2. Use a strong air freshener to mask the smell.

3. Clean the area with a solution of vinegar and water.

4. If the smell is coming from carpeting or upholstery, sprinkle baking soda on the area and vacuum it up after a few hours.

Is it OK to put vinegar in your toilet tank?

Vinegar is a great toilet cleaning solution! Not only is it free of chemicals and naturally antibacterial, it’s also an acid, so it will remove minor lime and calcium deposits. All you need to do is pour a couple cups of vinegar in your tank and let it sit for an hour or so, then scrub and flush to rinse.

Using bleach in the toilet can cause damage to the glazing on the porcelain surface. Instead, opt for a non-chemical cleaner like soapy water. This will help avoid any potential damage to your toilet.

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Does vinegar damage toilet bowls

Vinegar and baking soda are great for cleaning your toilet bowl! Just make sure you don’t use too much or you could damage the porcelain finish.

It’s no secret that human feces is loaded with bacteria, viruses, and even some fungi. And while most of us try to avoid coming into contact with this nastiness, it’s important to remember that closing the toilet seat can help reduce your risk of exposure.

Does flushing toilet get rid of smell?

If a toilet hasn’t been used for a while, water can evaporate from the lower part of it. This can cause foul smells to come from the toilet, as water is needed to keep out smells from the sewage system. In these instances, flushing your toilet will add the water needed to get rid of the foul smells once again!

If you’re having trouble with a clogged toilet or drain, you can try using a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Just pour some baking soda into the toilet or drain, followed by an equal amount of vinegar. Be careful not to use too much, or the mixture will foam up and might overflow. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes before flushing or running water.


There are a few potential reasons for why your toilet might always smell like pee. One possibility is that there is a leak in your toilet that is allowing urine to seep out. Another possibility is that you or someone else is not flushing the toilet after urinating, which is causing the urine to build up and create a strong smell. Lastly, it is possible that the bowl of your toilet is not being cleaned regularly, and the urine is causing a buildup of bacteria that is causing the bad smell. Regardless of the reason, it is important to address the issue so that your bathroom does not smell like urine all the time.

There are a few possible explanations for why your toilet always smells like pee. It could be that you have a urinary tract infection, or it could be that your toilet is not being cleaned properly. Either way, it is important to see your doctor if you are experiencing this problem so that they can help you figure out the cause and solution.