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Best Toilet Paper That Doesn’t Leave Pieces Behind

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With the wide range of toilet papers in the market, it can be challenging to find the best toilet paper that is lint-free or does not leave pieces behind after use.

Poor quality toilet paper can increase your risk of developing pesky irritation around your genitals, especially if you have sensitive skin or a reproductive health problem that might interfere with the integrity of your skin.

Toilet papers that leave lint behind on surfaces or those that contain a dusty film are also likely to contain BPA, which increases your dermal absorption of BPA.

While the magnitude of BPA absorption from these toilet papers is minimal and does not pose a significant risk to your health.

Choosing a lint-free toilet paper might be a better move especially if you are allergic to dust, have sensitive skin, or if you generally dislike toilet papers that have lint.

In this post we will cover:

4 Best Toilet Paper That Doesn’t Leave Pieces Behind of 2022

1. Quilted Northern Ultra Soft Toilet Paper that Doesn’t Leave Residue

Best Toilet Paper That Doesn’t Leave Pieces Behind

The quilted northern ultra plush is among the best toilet papers in the US market. This toilet paper offers users three layers of soft and cushiony toilet paper in every roll.

It has 319 sheets, which makes it long-lasting and reduces your need for changing your toilet paper frequently.

It easily dissolves after being disposed of in the toilet making it flushable. It is also septic tank friendly because it dissolves easily.

It has an embossed texture, which gives it a unique design and makes it visually appealing and comfortable to use.

For a quality toilet paper roll, quilted northern ultra plush might just be the right tissue for you.


  •         Fragrance-free
  •         Lint-free and does not leave behind tiny pieces
  •         Environmental friendly
  •         Soft and highly absorbent
  •         Budget-friendly
  •         1 roll is equivalent to 4 regular rolls
  •         Embossed texture
  •         Larger than normal


  •         Might not fit on a standard toilet roll dispenser/holder because it is larger than regular toilet paper.

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2. Angel Soft Toilet Paper Bath Tissue

toilet paper

Angel soft toilet paper provides you with the right balance between strength and softness. It does not leave behind tiny particles of tissue paper. Although this toilet paper is a 2-ply tissue, the quality of its paper is superior to other 2- ply tissues in the market.

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It easily dissolves in water when disposed of in the toilet bowl, thereby reducing the risks of clogging and septic tank blockage. It is affordable when likened to other high-quality toilet paper.

Each tissue roll contains 260 sheets, making it suitable for regular toilet holders. When you need a little extra softness in your life, the angel soft tissue paper might be just the right product for your bathroom.


  •         Soft and comfortable to use
  •         Lint-free
  •         Strong and does not tear easily
  •         Dissolvable and septic tank safe
  •         Fragrance-free
  •         Dye and chemical-free
  •         Affordable
  •         Super absorbent
  •         Fits perfectly on most toilet paper holders and dispensers


  •         2-ply making it thinner than 3 or 4-ply toilet papers

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3. Charmin Ultra Gentle Toilet Paper that Doesn’t Leave Lint

charmin gentle toilet paper

The Charmin ultra-gentle is famous for its gentleness and smooth texture. It is a suitable option for people with sensitive or irritated skin. It does not leave behind lint residues and it is dermatologically proven.

Although it is a 2-ply tissue paper and not as thick as 3 or 4-ply toilet papers, it is quite strong. It is one of the best 2-ply toilet papers on the market. This toilet paper comes in a value pack containing 18 mega rolls.

The Charmin ultra-gentle toilet paper contains 286 sheets per roll and one Charmin mega roll can be equated to four regular toilet papers. It is Rota-Rooter approved, which makes it clog-safe and septic tank safe.


  •         Roto-Rooter approved
  •         Suitable for sensitive skin
  •         Long-lasting
  •         Comes in a family-friendly pack with 18 rolls
  •         Lint-free
  •         Fragrance-free
  •         Super absorbent
  •         Dermatological tested and approved


  •         Slightly more expensive than other toilet papers.
  •         Slightly smaller than other mega-roll tissues.

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4. Charmin Ultra Strong Clean Touch

ultra strong toilet paper

The Charmin brand is recognized as one of the best toilet paper brands in the market. The Charmin ultra strong clean touch has been tested against Rota-Rooter plumbing systems and passed the test.

As such, they are clog-safe and septic tank safe. The design of this toilet paper was inspired by washcloths, which offer effective cleaning capabilities and adequate strength. The packet contains 24 toilet rolls, which can be equated to 123 regular toilet papers.

The high quality of this toilet paper ensures that you are not likely to experience messy accidents in the toilet. This toilet paper has 25% more sheets per toilet paper roll than the Charmin mega rolls.

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  •         Strong
  •         Soft and comfortable for use
  •         Lint-free
  •         Roto-Rooter approved
  •         Has a washcloth texture
  •         The value-pack has 24 rolls which are equivalent to 123 regular rolls
  •         Fragrance-free


  •         Slightly more expensive than other toilet brands.

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Our Verdict: Our Best Pick is Charmin Ultra Strong Clean Touch

what toilet paper doesn't leave pieces behind

According to our review, the Charmin Ultra Strong Clean Touch is the best lint-free toilet paper on the market. Aside from being lint-free, this toilet paper is soft and strong, making it effective in managing any kind of mess in the toilet.

It is also a 3-ply toilet paper and 24 rolls of this toilet paper are equivalent to 123 rolls of regular toilet paper. These characteristics make this toilet paper superior to other toilet rolls in the market.

On the other hand, if you have sensitive skin, which might be prone to ulceration, the Charmin ultra-gentle might be a better option for you because it has been tested and approved by dermatologists and it was designed to gently clean irritated skin.

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While searching for toilet papers that do not leave behind particles can be challenging, the options reviewed in this article will ensure that you enjoy lint-free experiences in the toilet.

When determining which option to settle for, ensure that you check the number of sheets, whether fragrances have been added, and the number of sheets per roll.

Does bamboo toilet paper leave lint?

Most bamboo toilet papers are 3-ply and link-free, which makes them compact, ultra-absorbent, and long-lasting. The link-free features make them cling together and do not easily split to create a fibre trail when wiped.

Furthermore, the 3-ply makes them pleasant on sensitive skin, which is why they are becoming more popular nowadays due to their very soft surface and dissolve quickly, making them preferable to use because they do not clog or block sewer or septic systems.

Does toilet paper cause irritation?

Yes, however it all depends on how rough the toilet paper is. Some cheap toilet paper tends to be rough or coarse, and when you wipe frequently with it, the fibers tend to irritate or even form multiple microscopic cuts on your buts.

This micro-cut in your but can cause irritation and pain while walking, sitting, or even sleeping. While this is important to be aware of, if remain unattended, this micro-cut can offer access to microorganisms that can cause infections.

Why does toilet paper leave bits?

This is a regular occurrence, especially in the female gender; the vaginal area is always moist, therefore the tendency for bits of tissue to attach is very high, and this is much more likely if one is using cheap tissue paper that tends to disintegrate when wet.

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To overcome this problem, use link-free toilet paper, which does not break easily while wiping even when wet and dissolves faster, so it does not clog the toilet trap.

What can I use instead of toilet paper?

Best alternatives for toilet paper that are soft and thick enough not to irritate the skin but also thick enough not to break, we have listed some of the best alternatives for tissue paper that one might consider.

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are very soft and do not leave lint behind; if you have a sensitive skin or irritation in your butt, using baby wipes is a good recommendation because they are softer than tissue paper.


If you want to avoid using tissues and wipes, Abidet is a great option. This is a stand-alone component that is mostly used to clean anal and genitals after using the toilet.

One disadvantage of using a bidet is that it leaves you wet, therefore keeping a towel in the bathroom for wiping away water is a good idea.

Is bamboo toilet paper better?

Yes, bamboo toilet paper is softer, cooler, and stronger than conventional tissues, making it the superior choice.

Second, this bamboo toilet paper is 100 percent biodegradable, making it safe for our environment. Additionally, it does not clog the drainpipe, unlike regular tissue paper, which tends to pile up and block the toilet drain.

Is bamboo toilet paper bleached?

Most bamboo toilet papers are devoid of bleach, chemicals, and dyes, making them completely clean. Because the tissue paper is produced entirely of bamboo, this toilet paper boasts of being very strong, resilient, and soft when used, which is why they are gaining popularity these days.

Sustainable Toilet Paper

Every time we use the bathroom, we use toilet paper products. According to one disturbing study, 28, 000 trees are cut down merely to supply the demand for toilet paper in a single day, which is not a cool approach to conserve our environment. 

Bamboo tissue paper is one of the greatest and tree-free toilet paper options that not only protects the environment but also adds value to the user experience.

Recycled Toilet Paper

We are delighted when we hear the phrase “recycled paper,” and this is true. However, did you know that recycled tissue paper contains hazardous chemicals such as BPA, which are responsible for cancer and other well-known negative effects on our health.

For one thing, recycled toilet paper is better for the environment, but it is not the ideal option for long-term toilet paper.

The Benefits of Bamboo Toilet Paper

When it comes to environmentally friendly toilet paper, bamboo tissue is by far the greatest alternative. This is supported by a variety of factors such as durability, softness, resilience, and suppleness.

  • If you want to save the environment by using environmentally friendly and tree-free toilet paper, bamboo toilet paper is the finest choice.
  • Bamboo toilet paper is chemical, fragrance, and recyclable-free, as well as hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice for those who are sensitive to chemicals and allergies.
  • Toilet paper manufactured from bamboo is highly sustainable due to the bamboo tree’s rapid growth, which takes just 2 to 4 years to mature, as opposed to conventional trees, which take 30 years to fully mature.
  • Bamboo fiber is one of the simplest materials to convert into various products due to its incredibly soft texture, despite its tough appearance; currently available bamboo products include tissue paper, towels, t-shirts, sheets, and other items.

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