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Toilet with 9 inch rough in?

There are many factors to consider when selecting a toilet, including the rough in size. A toilet with a 9 inch rough in is a great option for many homes. The 9 inch rough in size is perfect for small bathrooms or areas with limited space. This type of toilet is also easy to install and is very affordable. When selecting a toilet with a 9 inch rough in, be sure to measure the space carefully to ensure a perfect fit.

A toilet with a 9 inch rough in is a toilet that has a 9 inch hole in the back of it. This is where the water supply lines and sewer lines will connect to the toilet.

Can you replace a 10-inch rough in toilet with a 12 inch?

If you’re looking to replace your toilet, it’s important to find one that matches your existing rough-in dimensions. Otherwise, you’ll likely need to call a plumber to update your plumbing, which could drastically increase your toilet replacement cost.

If you’re looking to install a new toilet, you’ll need to know the rough-in measurement. This is the distance from the center of the drainpipe to the wall. Most toilets have a 12-inch rough-in, but some may have a 10- or 14-inch rough-in. Toilet rough-ins are important to know because they dictate the type of toilet you can install.

Is there an 8 rough in for a toilet

This is the rough in for a toilet. You will need to get the job done right.

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When choosing a new toilet, make sure to measure the rough-in size to ensure it will fit in your space. The rough-in size is the distance between the wall behind the toilet and the center of the drainpipe or the bolts that hold the toilet to the floor. It’s best to measure this before removing the old toilet.

Does a 10 in rough-in toilet save space?

If you’re planning on installing a new toilet, be sure to measure the rough-in first. A toilet with a 12-inch rough-in will definitely not fit into a space with a 10-inch rough-in, but a toilet with a 10-inch rough-in actually has extra space in a 12-inch rough-in space. This is because the rough-in is the distance from the wall to the center of the drain, and the toilet itself is only a few inches wide. So, if you have a 10-inch rough-in, you can actually install a 12-inch toilet. Just be sure to measure twice and cut once!

This is to ensure that there is enough space around the toilet for people to use it comfortably. Most codes require a minimum of 15 inches from any side wall or obstruction, and a minimum of 30 inches between fixtures.

Are most toilets 12 rough in?

If you’re replacing an existing toilet, look for a replacement toilet with the same rough-in. Most toilets will have a 12 inch rough-in, but toilets with a 10- or 14-inch rough-in measurement are a little less common. This means you might have less of a selection of toilets of this size. However, it’s still important to choose a toilet that will fit your bathroom space and provide the right level of comfort and function.

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If you need to move your toilet more than just a couple of inches, you’ll need to do some demolition to access and relocate water and waste lines. Then you’ll need to rebuild the concrete foundation and replace the sub-flooring, flooring, and fixtures.

What height toilet is best for pooping

If you’re over 6 feet tall, you may have difficulty finding a comfortable toilet. Extra tall toilets are typically 20 to 21 inches from floor to bowl, and they’re compact enough to fit in the standard private bathroom.

As a rule of thumb, try turning the toilet bowl a side until you feel resistance, then try to wiggle it slightly. If there is no significant movement, you are probably tight enough. This tightening operation is a “feel” thing you get from experience, so be conservative and use your best judgement.

How do I choose the right size toilet?

The standard rough-in dimensions for toilets is 12-inches. However, a distance of 10-inches or 14-inches is occasionally found in small bathrooms or older homes. You can determine your bathroom’s rough-in by measuring from the wall behind the toilet to the middle of the bolts on the base of the toilet.

When placing a toilet, it is important to leave some space around it for comfort and accessibility. The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) recommends a minimum of 18 inches between the toilet and another fixture or vanity. Codes usually allow a minimum distance of 15 inches.

How far can you run a toilet from the stack

You will need to tie the waste line from the new toilet directly into the stack if the toilet is within six feet of the stack and the waste line is 3 inches in diameter. However, if the waste line is 4 inches in diameter, the toilet can be as far as 10 feet from the stack.

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When installing a toilet, it is important to make sure that there is enough space around the flange. The flange must be at least 15″ away from any sidewall or nearby fixture. However, 15″ is the absolute minimum. A 15-inch distance from the vanity, shower, tub and back and side walls are required to accommodate the toilet flange.

How difficult is it to move a toilet over a few inches?

If you are planning on moving your toilet more than just a couple of inches, you will need to demolish the concrete to access and relocate water and waste lines. Once you have moved the lines, you will need to rebuild the concrete foundation and replace the sub-flooring, flooring, and fixtures. This is a big project, so be sure to consult with a professional before getting started.

If you’re installing a new toilet, or replacing an old one, it’s important to install the toilet flange at the correct height. The flange should be installed on top of the finished floor, so that it’s level with the surrounding floor. If the flange is installed below the finished floor, leak paths could form, because the flange won’t be at the correct height to accept the horn at the bottom of the toilet.

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There are many toilets with a 9-inch rough-in that will fit your needs. Some of the more popular options include the TOTO Drake II, the KOHLER Highline, and the American Standard Cadet Pro. All of these toilets have a powerful flush and a large bowl, making them a good choice for a family bathroom.

It is important to choose a toilet with a 9 inch rough in to ensure that it will fit properly in your bathroom. This size is the most common size for toilets and will give you the most options to choose from. Make sure to measure your bathroom before you purchase a toilet to make sure that you get the right size.