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Toto vs Grohe vs Kohler Toilet (Comparison & Reviews)

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In every home, there must be a toilet for the purpose of allowing us humans to relieve ourselves appropriately. There are a number of key functions built into modern toilets that are aimed to improve the user experience, maintain hygiene, and last for a long time.

Brands such as Kohler, Toto, and Grohe are well-known companies that have precisely concentrated on manufacturing bathroom accessories for more than four decades and have established a brand name in this category.

You won’t go wrong with these brands because they’ve been on the market for a long time. They’re best known for their exceptional designs and advanced toilet functionalities.

In this detailed review, we have carefully broken down all of the key factors and features of each toilet, a comparison table and a final verdict regarding quality, price, and value.

Do you want to know which of the three toilets is the best? Let’s get started right away.

Comparison Table for Toto vs Grohe vs Kohler Toilet

FeaturesToTo ToiletGrohe ToiletKohler Toilet
MaterialCeramicCeramicVitreous China
Gallon per Flush1.6 GPF1.28 GPF1.28 GPF
Installation MethodFloor MountedFloor MountedFloor Mounted
ColorCotton WhiteWhiteWhite
Bowl ShapeElongated ShapeElongated ShapeElongated Shape
Toilet Size28.38 x 17.19 x 30.1329 x 18 x 31
#PriceBuy Now on AmazonBuy Now on AmazonBuy Now on Amazon

Key Difference Between Kohler, Toto and Grohe Toilets

This section will cover some of the key must-have features for a modern toilet that make it superior and improve the user experience.

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1. Flushing Capability

A toilet’s flushing system is one of its most important functions; a toilet with a powerful flush system will flush large waste and clean the toilet bowl thoroughly.

Toto, Kohler, and Grohe all have advanced flushing systems, but Kohler and Toto use class 6 flushing systems that effectively push down 200 grams per liter.

The Toto and Kohler toilets are superior in flushing effectiveness and capabilities when it comes to flushing systems.

2. Flush Valve

One important feature to consider when shopping for a toilet is the flushing system type. There are two types of flush valves on the market today: flapper valves and siphon valves.

The recommended type is the siphon jet valve, known for its powerful and effective ability to clear any waste and thoroughly rinse the bowl.

Furthermore, the siphon valve is quieter than the flapper, with a rating of 4 to 3 for flushing noise levels, whereas the flapper has a rating of 1.

Grohe, Kohler, and Toto all take pride in their clog-free, powerful siphon flushing systems, which require only a single flush to clear any waste in the toilet bowl.

3. Toilet Design

In today’s world, the bathroom is a place to unwind, meditate, and relax, and the toilet is the most important bathroom accessory that homeowners try to upgrade from time to time to match the bathroom interior decoration.

This is why toilet design is so important, as most manufacturers do their best to design and match with current trends.

Kohler Toilet Classic Design

Kohler toilets are best known for their classic minimalist design and colors available in white, black, floral pattern, and almond; these colors complement any bathroom decor.

The toilet’s simple and classic shape makes cleaning it simple, and the glossy enamel of the bowl makes it stain resistant to urine and hard water stains.

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Additionally, the toilet is available in round and elongated shapes, giving buyers more options.

Grohe Toilet Design

Grohe toilets are well-known for their beautiful, sleek design and impressive square curves that make cleaning easy.

The toilet bowl and seat have an infinaBright coating that resists bacterial, stain, and dirt buildup. This allows the toilet to retain its glossy white shine for an extended period of time.

Toto Stylish Toilet

Toto is well-known for its distinctive and trendy toilet design, which outperforms other toilets on the market.

Compared to round bowls, the Toto is available in elongated bowls that provide more space when using the toilet.

The sanaGloss glaze used to coat the toilet bowl is one standout feature. This helps the toilet resist urine and hard water stains, which makes it easy to clean and maintain its glossy white finish for a long time.

4. Maintenance

Another important factor to consider before purchasing a new toilet is maintenance. This determines how well a toilet is constructed.

These toilets have proven to be durable and low-maintenance, with the added benefit of an unlimited warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship in the event of any failure.

5. Toilet Shape and Dimensions

Toilets are available in round, compact elongated, and elongated shapes, the most commonly available toilet shapes.

So it is more a matter of personal preference as to which toilet shape suits you the best, though elongated toilet shapes are preferred due to the extra room and comfort they provide when using the toilet.

Both Kohler, Grohe, and Toto toilets come in these shapes, though Toto toilets are available in various shapes, dimensions, and sizes, the Toto toilet ideal for a modern and minimalistic bathroom design.

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6. Price

Toilets are essential bathroom accessories that we must have in our homes. While a basic toilet can usually provide more than we require, we prefer a more modern toilet with some of the best functionalities that enhance user experience.

Toto toilets are best known for their quality, durability, and multiple features that likely match the price. Purchasing a Toto toilet will provide good value for money.

Kohler toilets, on the other hand, are well-known for their durability. Though pricey, this American brand toilet is packed with amazing features that will complement your bathroom’s interior design.

Final Verdict

Toto, Kohler, and Grohe toilets all have incredible functionalities, are durable, and reasonably priced.

If you are searching for an excellent toilet that ticks all the boxes in terms of functionalities, durability, and astounding product features that enhance user experience. In that case, the Toto toilet is the way to go.

The Toto toilet has a 9 gallon per flush toilet flushing system, a stain-resistant bowl, and a slow-close toilet seat and is less expensive than Grohe and Kohler.

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The Kohler toilet is our second choice in this comparison because it has a powerful flushing system, is durable and reliable in terms of functionality, and is the best toilet if you prefer style and design.

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FAQs About Toto vs Grohe vs Kohler Toilet

What is the lifespan of a Toto toilet?

A Toto toilet can last up to 50 years if properly maintained, though many factors can affect a toilet’s lifespan. The Toto toilet can last longer than expected when used in a typical home.

The quality of the toilet is very important, and Toto toilet has worked hard to create amazing and durable toilet products that can withstand wear and tear due to daily use.

This is why they have solidified their brand name for high-quality toilets that provide an excellent user experience while also being simple to maintain and long-lasting.

Why are Toto toilets considered to be better?

The most important product feature that the Toto toilet has focused on is the effective flushing system.

The best and most well-known flushing system is the TORNADO flushing system, which has two powerful nozzles that effectively create a cyclonic flushing effect that pushes down any heavy waste and rinses the toilet bowl clean.

Furthermore, the flushing system is WaterSense certified for water conservation every time the toilet is flushed.

Though Toto Toilet Company has several flushing systems, the TORNADO tops the list as the best flushing toilet system that is more advanced and efficient while using less water due to the powerful force the flushing system has.