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Why Are Toilet Seats So Cold At Night?

Why are toilet seats cold at night


When you get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, you’re likely going to dread sitting on the cold toilet seat. Although you could purchase a heated toilet seat, they’re too expensive for many consumers. Why is your toilet seat so cold at night? Is it the material or does it have something to do with your bathroom being too cold?

Without a heated toilet seat, there likely isn’t much you can do. The problem is that the temperature of your backside is much different than the temperature of the toilet seat. Therefore, you’re going to experience shock when you sit on your toilet.

Temperature Difference

Although there are numerous reasons for a cold toilet seat, the primary cause is the temperature difference. The human body tends to be very warm. When you touch something cold, you’re going to notice it. The cold temperature will send a chill up your body. Ultimately, this is the main reason that your toilet seat feels so cold at night.

Your backside is warm after being in a comfortable bed or sitting on the couch watching television. Your toilet seat is going to feel cold as a result. Again, you can avoid this issue by using a heated toilet seat. You could also place a heater close to the toilet seat to keep it warm.

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Toilet Seat Construction

One reason why toilet seats are cold is the construction. The most common materials utilized in the manufacturing of toilet seats are plastic and particle board (chipboard). Both materials are not insulated which means, they will stay cold even indoors.

A particle board is nothing more than chips of wood held together by a resin. Plastic, on the other hand, is melted before being molded. Chipboard and plastic are molded into a toilet seat.

The construction of a toilet seat is fairly simple. Humans have become accustomed to cold toilet seats. In other words, it is nothing new to set down on a cold toilet seat.

Heated Toilet Seat

A hard, cold toilet seat on winter mornings or in the middle of the night can be as inviting as a shower in cold water. Although it does not take long for the human body to acclimate to the cold toilet seat, it can be unbearable at times.

The dread of a cold toilet seat led to the development of the heated toilet seat. Sound like something you might be interested in? A heated toilet seat is exactly what the name suggests. Modern designs typically feature the installation of a little electrical element that generates heat.

Some designs work by being connected to the water supply that is heated and pumped through the tank. Although the installation doesn’t require a licensed plumber to install, the prices are drastically higher than ordinary seats.

Heated toilet seats have evolved over the years. The design has proven to work extremely well in older apartment buildings and homes. In this case, the warm toilet seat offers more benefits than a foam toilet seat.

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Adding heat can be extremely inviting while also increasing blood circulation in the buttocks. A heated seat can improve the toiletry experience significantly for everyone.

Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

Public restrooms oftentimes offer disposable toilet seat covers to minimize the spread of disease among humans. The cover is a thin piece of paper but works marvels in stopping the spread of harmful bacteria from human waste.

The disposable toilet seat cover can also prove to be a valuable tool in residential settings. While the design is thin, it is thick enough to create a barrier between the buttocks and the cold toilet seat.

Placing the disposable cover over the cold toilet seat in advance will ensure a more pleasant experience. In addition to delivering a warmer seat for your backside, it can protect against the spread of bacteria. A great benefit of the disposable toilet seat cover is its disposable design. The disposable cover can be disposed of by flushing down the toilet.

Consumers can save money by buying in bulk. Whatever the case, the expense will be worth it in the long run. When you consider how cold a toilet seat can be on a winter night, the cost will be minimal.

How To Avoid Cold Toilet Seats

Since your backside is so warm, your toilet seat is probably always going to feel cold. Nevertheless, you can take steps to make your seat a little warmer to reduce the shock. Think about purchasing a wooden toilet seat because wood is better at retaining heat than plastic. It will keep the seat warmer. You can also use a padded or fuzzy toilet seat.

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Padded toilet seats are comfortable and warm, but they’re still not going to be as warm as your backside. The thought of using a fuzzy toilet seat can be off-putting, but the fuzzy seat will be much warmer.

You can also heat the seat before sitting down. Place an electric heater near the toilet to get the seat warm before sitting down. You can also use a hair dryer to warm the seat. Seat warmers are also available, but heated toilet seats are better.

Why Are Toilet Seats So Cold At Night? – Overall

Toilet seats are cold at night because your bathroom is cold and your backside is warm. You’ve likely crawled out of bed to use the bathroom so your butt is going to be extra warm. When you sit down, you’re going to notice the difference immediately. Nevertheless, you may be able to avoid this problem by using a different toilet seat.

For instance, you can switch to a wooden seat. Since wood retains heat better than plastic, the seat won’t be as cold. You can also try a padded seat. Consumers with money to spend should consider buying a heated toilet seat.

There are ample ways to warm a toilet seat in the winter. It is perfectly okay to get creative by utilizing products on hand instead of making an additional purchase.