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Clawfoot tub shower curtain?

For many people, a clawfoot tub is the epitome of luxury. They are often large, deep, and imposing, and can make a real statement in a bathroom. But one potential downside of a clawfoot tub is that it can be difficult to find a shower curtain that fits well. You don’t want to be constantly adjusting a too-small curtain, or wrestling with a too-large one that billows around you while you shower. Luckily, there are a few companies that make shower curtains specifically for clawfoot tubs. These curtains are extra-wide and extra-long, so they can be sure to give you the coverage you need.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the size and shape of your clawfoot tub will dictate what type of shower curtain you will need. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a shower curtain for your clawfoot tub. First, make sure that the shower curtain is made of a waterproof material that will not mildew or mold. Second, choose a shower curtain that is the appropriate size for your tub – both in terms of width and height. And finally, consider a shower curtain with a liner to prevent water from leaking out onto your floor.

What size shower curtain do I need for a clawfoot tub?

If you’re looking for a shower curtain to fit a clawfoot tub, you’ll need one that’s at least 180 inches wide. Regular shower curtains are typically only 108 or 70 inches wide, so you would need two or three of them to fit around a clawfoot tub.

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If you are looking for shower curtains for shower stalls or walk-in showers, you will need ones that are 54×72 inches or 54×78 inches in size. The longer 78” size is a good option for preventing water from splashing onto the floor.

Can you have a shower curtain with a walk in shower

A shower curtain can definitely be used with a walk in shower! The best style to opt for are those that are either weighted at the bottom or constructed from a heavier material. This will help ensure that the curtain stays in place and doesn’t get blown around by the water or wind.

If you’re looking to increase the value of your home, consider installing a claw-foot bathtub. According to the survey’s participants, homes that had a claw-foot bathtub in the listing sold, on average, for 29 percent above asking price. So if you’re looking to make a good return on your investment, a claw-foot bathtub may be a wise choice.

How do you keep water in a clawfoot tub shower?

If you shower with the liner inside the tub, you should be able to keep excess water from getting on the floor surrounding it. Another thing that will help is to get one large liner and curtain instead of multiple smaller ones. This way, there’s only one opening you have to worry about.

Rim mount soap dishes are a great way to keep your soap close at hand while you’re in the tub. They’re also perfect for clawfoot tubs without a shower enclosure. Wall mount soap dishes are mounted directly to the bathroom wall. They can be installed on the wall by your bathtub or next to the sink.

How do you hang a shower curtain for a walk-in shower?

If you need to remove your rings for any reason, simply follow these steps. Unscrew the two halves of the rod and pull them apart. Place your rings on the rod, making sure they are facing the correct way. They should snap into place. Screw the two halves of the rod back together and you’re done!

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Splash guards are an easy and effective way to prevent water from leaking out of your shower. Simply install them along the corners where the shower wall meets the floor and you’ll be good to go!

How do you make a walk-in shower safe for the elderly

It’s important to have a safe and comfortable shower, especially if you’re elderly or have mobility issues. Luckily, there are a few easy changes you can make to your bathroom to achieve this. Firstly, remove any old, worn out bathmats and replace them with new, non-slip options. You should also look at textured tiling in and around the shower, as this can help prevent slips and falls. Ergonomic and clearly marked faucets are also a good idea, as they can be easier to use for those with limited mobility. Finally, increasing the lighting in your bathroom can also make it safer and more comfortable to use.

If you want to prevent mildew in your shower, make sure to wipe the floor and close the curtain after each use. This will allow the shower to air out and dry completely.

Where should shower head be in walk-in shower?

It is important to keep showerheads at least 69-72 inches above the shower floor in order to avoid getting wet from the spray. Traditional showerheads can extend up to 4 feet, so it is important to be aware of this when positioning yourself in the shower.

Your shower curtain should not touch the floor for two reasons: it will collect moisture and dirt, and it will prevent the bottom of the curtain from drying.

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Why did clawfoot tubs go out of style

The clawfoot tub Was popular from the 1880’s to the 1930’s. It was the flu epidemic after WWI that was the downfall of these beautiful fixtures. People knew little about the illness, and became concerned with germs and cleanliness.

I absolutely love my clawfoot tub with a hand shower! It’s very easy to keep clean and I can even wash my dog in it if I need to. It’s a great feature to have and I’m very glad I chose to get one.

Can a clawfoot tub be a shower too?

If you’re showering in a clawfoot tub and find yourself surrounded by wet, cold curtains, there are a few things you can do to avoid this unpleasant situation. First, make sure that the curtains are properly hung so that they don’t become tangled around you while you’re showering. Second, invest in a good quality shower curtain liner that will repel water and help keep the curtains from sticking to you. Finally, always close the curtains after showering to help keep the moisture inside the tub. By following these simple tips, you can enjoy a hassle-free shower in your clawfoot tub.

A clawfoot tub is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom. However, when you turn it into a shower, you will need a curtain that is wide enough to wrap all the way around the tub. This will ensure that water does not splash out of the tub and onto the floor.


A clawfoot tub shower curtain is a curtain that is specifically designed to fit around a clawfoot tub. These curtains typically have a special ring that goes over the tub’s faucet and then the curtain hangs down from this ring. Clawfoot tub shower curtains are available in a variety of materials, colors, and patterns, so you should be able to find one that matches your bathroom’s decor.

There are many different types of clawfoot tub shower curtains to choose from. You can find them in a variety of colors, patterns, and materials. There is sure to be a clawfoot tub shower curtain that will fit your needs and style.